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Horse Netting


Burn Fencing supply Horse XFENCE (Formerly Equifence) horse netting in 50m rolls.

The netting is tough, durable and very safe for horses. The small mesh aperture means that horses cannot get their legs through the fencing, reducing the risk of injury to the horse and fencing.

The animal friendly X knot combined with the stay wires delivers extreme rigidity, security and elasticity. The mesh is designed to flex and spread the impact load throughout the fence, meaning the risk of injury is greatly decreased.   
Please CLICK HERE to view some horse netting we installed for the late Sir Henry Cecil

Understanding Sizes

  • E.g   XHT13-125-7.5    – No of wires -13  – Height – 1250mm  – Distance between vertical wires – 75mm

Horse Netting


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