Security Rated Fencing

Here at Burn Fencing we can offer Loss Prevention Standard security rated fencing to secure your premises. These products represent the highest level of security available on the market.

What is LPS 1175 and what is an SR Rating?

The Loss Prevention Standards are now recognised broadly across security sectors across the world. We are noticing a big shift towards main contractors and utility industries requesting Security Rated fences as it is becoming increasingly specified by insurers. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) sets the standards and puts products through rigorous testing to ensure they meet certain security criteria.

Security Ratings (SR) scale upwards in intensity from 1 to 4 (currently). The higher the number, the greater the resistance to attack. If you would like to find out more about SR rated products, please call the office on 01302 708706 to discuss the options available.

We have an experienced team of installers and we are proud to have installed the first SR4 fence in England in 2020.



SR4 fencing installation




SR4 Fencing Installation